Have you ever invented a recipe? I know you can’t be 100% sure about this because there are a LOT of people on this Earth, and not all of them document their achievements on blogs… buuuuuuut, to your knowledge, have you created a food item without ever seeing it before?!

Well this was my first time, and IT. WAS. EXCITING!

I was determined to not give up ice cream after committing to the paleo lifestyle. I continued to eat it when the cravings came on, and then suffered the consequences it had on my dairy detoxed body. Somewhere along the way I decided it wasn’t worth it… I know, I know. Crazy!

But once again, Against All Grain saved me from the sad, boring, “meat and veggies only” life. She featured this ice cream recipe which actually was for a raspberry ice cream without using an ice cream machine (what I was looking for). I decided to turn it into just vanilla bean for the versatility, and ended up super proud of myself. All this experimenting has turned me into one confident cook in the kitch!


I just added some fresh raspberries on top to make it look special :)

And then I got SUPER crafty and added a little somethin else…


I got this paleo “oatmeal” cookie recipe, added some beautiful farmer’s market carrots and walnuts…


…and made carrot cake ice cream sandwhiches!@#$


Everyone who tried them (a.k.a. my husband and sister) told me that they thought they were delicious. I agreed.


I never imagined my first contribution to this world would be an ice cream sandwhich—but it was, and it makes me happy.

xo, Sara

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